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[IOM Legs]


The Mylchreest family name originated on the Isle of Man (IOM).
The IOM is located in the middle of the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland.

In the 1800's, many Mylchreests emigrated to other countries, including the USA, Australia and South Africa.

The IOM is named for Manannan Mac Lir, a Manx/Celtic god of the sea.
On the right is the symbol of the IOM, which appears on the Manx flag.

The IOM is the only place in the world where the average person knows how to spell "Mylchreest".
And as you may suspect, Manx Cats originated on the IOM.

A few pictures I took on the IOM:

[Kerrowgarrow Barn Converted]

The former Kerrowgarrow barn, now converted into "self-catering cottages".
Kerrowgarrow was the home of some of my ancestors.
It's now a delightful bed-and-breakfast run by Alan & Jean Jackson.


[Scene from Kerrowgarrow]

The Beary hill, seen from Kerrowgarrow


[Ramsey Beach]

Ramsey Beach

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